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Welcome to Computer 1 Associates LLC


C!ALLC_Logo_SmallNetworking Business in Hawaii

- Located in Downtown Honolulu (Map)

- Providing service since 1984

- Specializing in network solutions


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- On-site service and support

- Custom-built premium computers

- Specialized training


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    Located in Downtown Honolulu at 1188 Bishop Street, Computer 1 Associates, Inc. is a trusted computer consulting business that has been building, installing, and repairing computer systems since 1984.  In addition to computer service and support, we also offer networking solutions, have extensive software knowledge, and can provide customers with basic computer training.


    On our webpage you will find information about our services as well as our courteous and resourceful staff.  If you have questions about our products or services just click the Contact Us button on the bottom of any page within this site and you will find helpful phone and email information that will quickly connect you with our staff.


Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.